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International Information Seminars

Connecting to the World Seminar Series

Internationalisation can also happen "here"!  Aiming at helping VTC staff and students keep abreast of international key issues and/or knowledge about specific topics, the MIAO coordinates a number of talks under the Connecting to the World Seminar Series.

Through close collaborations with institutions and the Consulates-General in Hong Kong, non-local experts and talents are invited from time to time to deliver talks on various VTC campuses, which offer platforms to forge stronger ties with different regions of the world.



Webinar on "Development of Professional and Vocational University (PVU) in Japan"

Mr TAKASE Yoshitaka, Consul, Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Division, Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong
(30 November 2021 via MS Teams Live Event)

Japan has launched new types of universities in April 2019, namely Professional and Vocational University (PVU) and Professional and Vocational Junior College (PVJC), intending to strengthen industrial competitiveness and promote regional revitalisation. During the webinar, Mr TAKASE shared with us the key elements of these new educational institutions that provide education and training in specialised fields, such as business innovation and entrepreneurship, health sciences, health care, anime and manga arts, technology, to name a few. Through the detailed elaboration by Mr TAKASE on the Japanese educational system and characteristics of these institutions, the audience can draw a valuable lesson from Japan’s experiences.

Pictured left: Mr TAKASE Yoshitaka shares an overview of Japan's Professional and Vocational University development.


Webinar on “How COVID-19 Impacts Academic Planning and Development of VET Institutions - The TAFE Experience”

Mr Craig ROBERTSON, Chief Executive Officer, TAFE Directors Australia
(18 June 2021 via MS Teams Live Event)

The COVID-19 pandemic brought enormous disruption in every sector around the globe. Education institutions are required to undertake prompt actions to cope with the changes arising from the pandemic. Technical and Further Education (TAFE), the leading provider of vocational education and training in Australia, succeeded in embracing the challenges brought by the pandemic. Mr Craig ROBERTSON shared the TAFE experience on the quick transition from classroom learning to digital delivery and the provision of TAFE’s free online training courses for the public during the pandemic that contributed to Australia’s economic and social recovery. He opined that the adoption of blended learning, the optimisation of online resources and the use of new student engagement channels are considered the anticipated trend of VET development in post-COVID conditions.

Pictured left: Mr Craig ROBERTSON shares the emergence of new VET models and challenges VET institutions, employees and employers encountered.


Webinar on "Entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area: Optimising Opportunities for Hong Kong Start-ups"

Ms Alice TSANG, Assistant Principal Economist (Greater China), Hong Kong Trade Development Council

(28 May 2021 via MS Teams Live Event)

With the rapid development of youth entrepreneurial bases in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and the supportive policies on youth innovation and entrepreneurship imposed by the government, innovative and entrepreneurial activities in the GBA have received abundant hardware and software support. During the webinar, Ms Alice TSANG shared the challenges and opportunities encountered by Hong Kong’s start-ups when entering the GBA market and brought up some real-life examples to help our audience gain a better understanding of the latest developments and characteristics of the start-up industry in the GBA.

Pictured left: Ms Alice TSANG shares the findings of "Hong Kong Start-Ups" research by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.


Webinar on "Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Hong Kong’s Construction Industry in the Greater Bay Area (GBA)"

Ir Dr PANG Yat Bond, Derrick, JP, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited

(6 May 2021 via MS Teams Live Event)

Serving as one of the key national strategic initiatives, the development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) enhances the demands for considerable talents in the construction industry to support its infrastructure projects, bringing both opportunities and challenges to Hong Kong’s construction sector. In the webinar, Ir Dr PANG Yat Bond, Derrick, JP shared his insight on the opportunities and challenges raised by the development of the GBA to Hong Kong’s construction industry, supplemented with the advice on how to better prepare ourselves to grasp the potential chances in the GBA.

Pictured left: Ir Dr PANG Yat Bond, Derrick, JP shares an overview of the GBA and its infrastructure development.


Thailand Human Capital and Skills Development 4.0

Dr Luxmon ATTAPICH, Deputy Secretary-General, Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Office of Thailand; and

Dr Wanwiwat KETSAWA, Deputy Director, Corporate Strategy Division, Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Office of Thailand
(21 April 2021 via ZOOM Live Event)

Thailand, our new VPET partner, has implemented the Thailand 4.0 initiative to enhance workforce quality and establish an economic corridor in eastern Thailand for sustainable development. During the webinar, Dr Luxmon ATTAPICH addressed the opportunities in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor, which helps to develop Thailand’s Eastern Provinces into a leading ASEAN economic zone; whilst Dr Wanwiwat KETSAWA shared about Thailand human capital and skills development in four dimensions, namely EEC Model Training, University-Industrial Training Network, Innovation for Technology 4.0, and Demand Driven Curriculum.

Pictured left: The webinar kicks started with the opening remarks by

Mr Tull TRAISORAT (top right), Royal Thai Consul-General in Hong Kong, followed by the online presentations from Dr Luxmon ATTAPICH (top left) and Dr Wanwiwat KETSAWA (bottom left).


Dual VET – A Success Factor for the Swiss Economy

Mrs Katia STAMPFLI-FERRAZ, Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong
(19 March 2021 via MS Teams Live Event)

Many of us are mesmerised by the natural beauty of Switzerland, in particular of its scenic mountains. When it comes to the dual-track approach to Vocational Education and Training (VET), the Swiss successful model also captures worldwide attention due to its contribution to the strong economic performance of the Swiss industry and the low level of youth unemployment. Mrs STAMPFLI-FERRAZ shared how the public-private partnership, one of the key elements in the Swiss model, promoted the delivery of quality skilled workers. Her enlightening presentation inspired us to explore possible enhancements in Hong Kong’s vocational and professional education and training model.

Pictured left: Mrs STAMPFLI-FERRAZ shares the Swiss dual VET system and its impact on national employability and economy.


Singapore – A Country Pioneering Applied Learning in Southeast Asia

Prof FOO Yong Lim, Assistant Provost (Applied Learning) of Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore
(18 March 2021 via MS Teams Live Event)

Singapore is a pioneer in Southeast Asia to promote and develop applied learning in enhancing the quality of industry-ready workforce.

The Singapore government had introduced an education reform aimed at developing a new applied degree pathway in 2011, and identified the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) as the first institute to be granted with the status of an autonomous applied learning university in 2014.  Through Prof Foo’s well-received sharing, we learnt about the good practices of SIT in setting up a government-funded University of Applied Learning, its unique pedagogy and the latest development of applied learning education in the regional arena.


Pictured left: Prof FOO Yong Lim introduces the SIT’s Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) that exemplifies the best of university-industry collaboration.


Brazil – A Country More Than Good Coffee

Dr Rafael Rodrigues PAULINO, Consul, Consulate-General of Brazil in Hong Kong
(8 March 2019 at IVE (KT))

Brazil has been the most dominant coffee exporter in the world since 1867. Coffee trade has become an important business in Brazil, which has an enormous influence in Brazil’s development in various aspects. Consul PAULINO, the Consulate-General of Brazil in Hong Kong led our audience to embark on the journey to understand Brazil’s cultural and economic development, the coffee industry in Brazil, as well as the opportunities for young people.

Pictured left: Consul PAULINO, who uses Brazil’s dominant position in the production and export of coffee to tap into the growing coffee culture in Hong Kong when talking about the social and geographical situation in Brazil, as well as the close relationship between coffee and the country’s economy.


The Philosophical Aspects of Japanese Manga

Mr Kenji WADA, Vice-Consul, Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong
(1 March 2019 at IVE (HW))

Japanese comics, or manga, have influenced us for many decades and have courted huge popularity and attracted numerous fans across various ages. While embracing the “manga effect,” the hidden messages and philosophy behind the comics are equally fascinating.

Mr Kenji WADA used popular comic works such as “SLAM DUNK”, “ONE PIECE”, “Attack on Titan” and “Naruto,” etc. to illustrate philosophical concepts and controversies on friendship and justice. The talk served as a good opportunity for all of us to learn and explore some philosophical concepts and to reflect on ourselves and our choices in life.

Pictured left: Consul Mr Kenji WADA of Japan talks about his views on the philosophical concepts embodied in Japanese manga.


South Africa – A Country in Transition and International Film Appreciation - “Invictus”

Mr Leon NAIDOO, Consul (Political), South African Consulate General Hong Kong SAR/ Macao SAR
(8 March 2017 at VTC Tower)

April 27th 1994 marked the end of apartheid rule and introduced a new Constitutional order, where all South Africans worked towards a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society. The talk gave the background information about this historic event and, in addition, introduced South Africa’s culture, tourism opportunities, current socio economic development, as well as the transformational leadership of Nelson Mandela and latest efforts in addressing the legacy of Apartheid.

For a better understanding of the event, the talk was immediately followed by screening of the film “Invictus”. This award winning film showcased how the newly elected President Mandela made use of South Africa’s rugby team to help unite the new country.

Pictured left: Mr Leon NAIDOO shares the latest development of South Africa.


Culture of the Czech Republic

Mr Dalibor MIČKA, Consul and Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong
(8 March 2017 at IVE (Sha Tin))

Apart from being one of Europe´s top travel destinations with countless cultural and historical points of interest, the Czech Republic is a country of great historical and cultural importance.  Since few VTC students and colleagues had been to Czech Republic, Mr Dalibor MIČKA unfolded before us the beautiful capital city Prague and many other towns and historic monuments in this country, which are so well-preserved and noted in the UNESCO register as world cultural and heritage landmarks.

In addition, the Czech Republic is also famous in film production, video games development and beer production.  Mr Dalibor MIČKA shared with us the many successful stories also in these areas and taught us the longest word in Czech.

Pictured left: Mr Dalibor MIČKA teaches us the longest word in Czech language.


To Discover the Philippines

Mr Robert D. QUINTIN, Vice Consul, Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR
(8 March 2017 at IVE (Sha Tin))

The culture of Philippines is a combination of Eastern and Western influences.  Due to historical reason, the Philippines exhibits not only aspects found in other Asian countries and Southeast Asian heritage, but also culture displaying a significant degree of Spanish and American influences.  It has numerous beautiful islands and attractive landscapes.  The people of the Philippines, in particular, are talented in languages and music.  Audience was immersed in a lovely song ‘Anak’ sang by Mr Quentin, who used to be a musician before working for the Consulate.

Pictured left: Mr Robert QUINTIN sings a song for us.


Islamic Culture

Imam Uthman YANG, The Islamic Union of Hong Kong
(3 March 2017 at Youth College (Yeo Chei Man))

Islam is one of the top three religions and the fastest-growing major religion in the world with over 1.7 billion followers.  In Hong Kong, there are around 300,000 Muslims, in which 50,000 are Chinese and 150,000 are Indonesians.  With the growing number of non-Chinese speaking students in VTC and to facilitate our daily interaction with Muslim people, this talk which had been previously conducted two years ago was re-run, hoping that our staff and students will understand more about the Islamic Culture.  Although this was the second time Imam YANG delivered the talk for us, the number of staff and students signed up was encouraging.

Pictured left: An interesting presentation by Imam YANG enlightens audience about the Islamic culture.


Germany Dual VET and Vocational Education 4.0

Dr Margot OHLMS, Consultant of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder (KMK), Germany
(2 March 2017 at VTC Tower)

Funded by the VTC International Visiting Fellows/Scholars Scheme, the Youth College has invited Dr Margot OHLMS to Hong Kong during the period of the International Fortnight 2017.  Among the various activities, she delivered an inspiring seminar to the VTC colleagues on the structure of VET in Germany and introduced the influence of industry 4.0 on vocational education.

Pictured left: The talk is full house of audience as many colleagues are interested in the topic.


Economic Development of Hungary

Dr Péter GARAI, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Hungary in Hong Kong and Macao
(1 March 2017 at VTC Tower)

Since 2010, Hungary has introduced a string of measures aimed at reshaping the country’s economy into an investment friendly environment.  Building on the country’s strong traditions in education and innovation, changes to the tax, labour and incentive legislation as well as the government’s new strategy of strengthening economic ties with Asia are now bearing fruit.  Through the sharing by Dr Péter GARAI, we learnt about Hungary in general, its participation in the Belt and Road initiative and how it has become one of the fastest growing economies of the European Union.

Pictured left: Dr Péter GARAI shares how Hungary recovers from the economic downturn.


Culture and Economy of Iran

Dr Mehdi FAKHERI, Consul General, Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Hong Kong and Macao
(1 March 2017 at VTC Tower)

Dr Mehdi FAKHERI took the audience to an interesting journey of Iranian culture by talking about poetry, music, cinematography and sports.   His talk also covered Iranian economy and tourism.  Some major cities of Iran were portrayed for a better understanding about this ‘mysterious’ country under the veil. 

Pictured left: Dr Mehdi FAKHERI talks about the Iranian culture and economy.

Greater Bay Area Talk Series

The development of the Greater Bay Area is accorded the status of key strategic planning in the country's development blueprint, contributing great significance in the implementation of innovation-driven development of the country.

To facilitate VTC staff and students to keep abreast of the future development of the Greater Bay Area, VTC's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Talk Series invites scholars and celebrities in the territory to share their knowledge and experience, as well as their views on the development of the Area, keeping them updated to the latest development of the country and neighboring areas.



Seize the development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area through the participation of internship and coaching in Mainland

Mr Truhon Leong, Founder of J. D. Eden Consulting Limited
(30 March 2021 via MS Teams Live Event)

The retail market of Mainland China has experienced immense changes in recent years. Online shops, unmanned stores and numerous media platforms have emerged and developed rapidly. The development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) further opens up unlimited business and career opportunities for different industries and our younger generation. In this webinar, Mr Truhon Leong, Founder of J. D. Eden Consulting Limited and a seasoned expert in the sales and marketing field, shared his insights on the technology application and ecosystem of e-commerce in Mainland China as well as the opportunities for career advancement in the GBA.

Pictured left: Mr Truhon Leong (the right) shares the enormous opportunities brought to students taking part in practical training in the GBA.


Zetta Bridge – A creative industry platform in Greater Bay Area

Ms Grace LAU Kwan Bick, General Manager of Zetta Bridge Creative Industry Development Co., Ltd.
(24 May 2019 at IVE (Morrison Hill))

Zetta Bridge located in Qianhai, Shenzhen provides an exchange platform for international creative talents, brands and companies to connect with Chinese companies and markets. In the seminar, Ms Grace LAU shared the establishment and development of the Bridge and explained how it can benefit the development of creative industry in the Area.

Pictured left: Ms Grace LAU explains how Zetta Bridge brings in international talents, brands and companies and boosts the development of creative industry in the Area.


Inter-city railway in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Dr Joe Z. FANG, Research Director of the One Country Two Systems Research Institute
(25 April 2019 at VTC Tower)

With the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the construction of a railway network plays a significant role in promoting the one-hour living circle in the area. In the seminar, Dr FANG explained in detail on the planning and operation of the railway network under the Greater Bay Area, and shared the operation mode of the inter-city railway and the development model of the TOD, so that the audience could better understand the concept of the railway.

Pictured left: Dr FANG explains the New Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


Challenges and opportunities for Hong Kong in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area

Professor Thomas CHAN, Director of One Belt One Road Research Institute of the Chu Hai College of Higher Education
(22 March 2019 at IVE (Haking Wong))

Being the most open and international city in the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong is known for its status as international financial, transportation, trade centres and aviation hub as well as its renowned professional services. Enjoying the dual advantages of "one country, two systems", Hong Kong plays an important role in the Greater Bay Area Development. Professor Thomas CHAN shared his insights with the audience on opportunities and challenges for Hong Kong in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and explained how the Area boosts its development of technology and innovation and leads Hong Kong to promote institutional reforms.

Pictured left: Professor Thomas CHAN explains the composition of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and shares his views on the role of Hong Kong in the Area.