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Fees and Scholarships



Full-time Higher Diploma Programmes

The 2024/25 academic year tuition fees for Higher Diploma programmes are listed below:

Discipline Tuition Fees (HK$)
Business $59,600
Other Disciplines $61,200


  1. The first instalment of tuition fee should be paid in August every year while the second instalment will be in early January in the next year.
  2. In addition to tuition fees, students will be required to pay other fees, such as caution money, students’ union fees and Chinese and Putonghua Module Study Package Fee etc.
  3. Some students may be required to study bridging modules or enhancement programmes to support their studies; or to attend additional training, industrial attachments, public examinations for which separate fees will be charged.
  4. Tuition fees are subject to annual review.

Other Fees

Application Fee:

  • HK$500
  • Early Bird Offer: HK$200 for applications submitted on or before 29 February 2024

Registration Fees:  Mainland and International applicants who have received an offer for Higher Diploma programme – HK$5,000


(Note: The Registration Fee received will be deducted from the first instalment of tuition fees.)


Student Service Fee (inclusive of student visa application fee and student insurance coverage in Hong Kong) : HK$2,000


About Fee Payment

If you are being offered a place of study, you are required to pay Registration Fee and Student Service Fee by the designated method before the deadline specified on the Offer Notification, or your application will be invalid. The paid Registration Fee and Student Service Fee are non-refundable and non-transferable.



  1. All bank transfer related charges shall be borne by the student.
  2. You are required to pay all the fees directly to VTC by the designated method. Please refrain from paying any fees to any parties or organisations other than VTC.
  3. You should only make the following 3 payments to VTC before registration: the Application Fee (if applicable), the Registration Fee and the Student Service Fee.
  4. After completion of online registration and before school commencement, you should pay the first instalment of tuition fees and other fees such as caution money and students' union fees etc. You have to pay tuition fees for the whole programme by instalments. The Registration Fee of HK$5,000 will be deducted from the first instalment of tuition fees.
  5. Other expenses such as accommodation, living and miscellaneous expenses, shall be borne by the student.


Admission Scholarship for Non-Local Students

Purpose To recognise non-local students admitted to VTC full-time Higher Diploma programmes with good academic and non-academic achievements

Award Amount

HK$6,000 per one-off award
Eligibility New intake of non-local students enrolled in VTC full-time Higher Diploma programmes
Selection Mechanism

The scholarship will be awarded based on merit.  Applicants must currently be full-time students and meet one of the following selection criteria:


1.  Achieve one of the following academic attainments

  i. International Baccalaureate - 30 or above, or
  ii. National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) (also known as “Gaokao”) - 460 or above, or
  iii. Academic Proficiency Examination (APE) of Guangdong Province - 390 or above


2.  Demonstration of talents and skills in the specified areas

  • Applicants are required to provide supporting documents to demonstrate achievements in at least one of the following areas in the past three years:
  i. Vocational skills
    e.g. WorldSkills Competition, Guangzhou/Hong Kong/Macao/Chengdu Youth Skills Competition
  ii. Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM)
    e.g. National High School Mathematics League, ITCD International Trend Cultural Design Competition, Korea Science and Engineering Fair International, UK International Music Competition
  iii. Innovation
    e.g. National Aircraft Design Competition, World Asian Case Competition
  iv. Sports and games
    e.g. Asian School Table Tennis Championships, Sichuan Provincial High School Swimming Competition, Thailand Open Karate-Do Championship


VTC also offers different scholarship schemes for both local and non-local students who have outstanding achievements during their programme of study. Some of the scholarship schemes applicable to non-local students are as follows:

Scholarship Amount  (HK$) Eligibility

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund/Self-financing Post- secondary Education Fund

From 10,000 to 40,000

IVE, HKDI, ICI/CCI, HKIIT and MSTI students in full-time Higher Diploma programmes and

THEi/SHAPE students in Degree programmes

Dr. Ng Tat-lun Memorial Outstanding Students Award Scheme 10,000 Progressing IVE, HKDI, ICI/CCI, HKIIT and MSTI students in full-time Higher Diploma programmes


The above information is for reference only. The Vocational Training Council reserves the right of final decision on the selection and award of scholarships and has the right to withdraw any of the above activities or modify their contents.