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General Entrance Requirements (International Applicants)

Programmes (Study Duration) Required Academic Qualifications
Higher Diploma Programmes (Normally to be completed in 2 years)
  • Applications with non-local qualifications, including language qualifications, will be assessed individually by the departments concerned.
  • Mainland Chinese applicants please see here.


  1. Study duration of Higher Diploma programmes: normally 2 years
  2. Offering of study place is subject to the applicants' academic qualifications, interview / test performance (if applicable), other learning experience and achievements, and availability of study places.
  3. Some programmes may have other specific requirements. Please refer to the programme details and specific requirements of individual programmes.
  4. Applicants who choose Design-related programmes are required to submit copies of their work portfolio for assessment by the departments concerned. The criteria for the work portfolio are as below:
    • Should include projects that show the creative potential and design competency of candidate
    • Should demonstrate visualisation skills
    • Should show personal interest as well as cultural awareness
    • Required to supplement with a concept illustration with no more than 100 words on portfolio creation
    • In PDF format
    • File size no larger than 5MB
    • Images are clear and in high resolution
    • No limit on the completion time and form of production
    • Name the file by the application number
    • Upload the portfolio to the Web-based Admissions System
  5. Applicants can apply with the results of the same public examination in different years of award. The best grade of multiple attempts on a particular subject will be assessed for admission.
  6. If you want to enquire the general entrance requirements for a specific non-local qualification or examination, please email to the Mainland and International Affairs Office at
  7. Applicants admitted to Hospitality-related programmes are required to undergo a medical check (applicable to certain programmes).

Language Requirements

The following English Language results are required in the application:

English Language Qualifications Higher Diploma Programmes
Test of English as a Foreign Language ( TOEFL ) A score of 500 (paper-based) / 173 (computer-based) / 61 (internet-based)
International English Language Testing System ( IELTS ) An overall score of 5.0
GCSE / IGCSE / GCE O-level English Language Grade D
GCE A-level / GCE AS-level English Language Grade E
International Baccalaureate ( IB ) English Language Level 2 (Standard- / Higher-Level English Language Syllabus A / B)
English Language results of overseas examinations recognised by VTC To be considered on individual merits

Other Language(s)

Apart from English Language, there is an additional language requirement, either Chinese or other languages. The qualifications will be assessed individually by the departments concerned.